Monday, 1 December 2008

Constructing Models for Destruction

Don't forget the inside!!

If a model is going to be blown up on film then there has to already be some sort of interior constructed as part of the model to make it look convincing. Matthew Graztner (Partner to one of Hollywood's top model making companies) explains how this is done...

'We often build one layer of rooms around the inside...and fill them with miniature furniture, fittings...Then at the edge of the floors and ceilings, we fit twisted miniature I-beams, joists, air-conditioning if the front of the building had been blown off and all this stuff has been left exposed. Once this pre-destroyed interior has been arranged and filled with dust and debris, we carefully place the facade of the building over the front and prepare it for destruction with compressed air or miniature pyrotechnics.'

Picture below, model used in X Files: The Movie (1998) Miniature was made pre-destroyed.

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McTodd said...

Great blog you've got here, and I love your work on the miniature lighthouse on your other blog!

It's really good to see someone into traditional effects.

I've dabbled a bit in my time - a very crude miniature pyrotechnic effect: